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Thoroughly inspection of the property is very important before signing an agreement with the new house seller; because, most house sellers try to hide slight damages of the new house. Checking new house for structural issues and any hidden damages is a good idea. Here is a brief list of checklist that the buyer should look into.
Check For Water Leakages
Check For Water Leakages
Inspect The Plumbing
Test Door and Window Fittings
Ensure Proper Ventilation
Check for Water Leakages

Water leakage can be very costly for the homeowner. There are four different places in home from where water can leak.
Check the Pressure Relief Valve on the hot water tank.
Check the toilet system for any types of leaks.
Check the water line running from the meter to home.
Check the showerhead.

Lookout for Cracks
A detailed inspection of the ceilings and the walls is very essential for possible cracks. A minor line on the wall of the room can turn substantial with time. It is better for the buyer to take little time and inspect every area of the home for every possible crack.

Inspect the Plumbing
Having proper plumbing is the foundation of a new home. Without having proper plumbing work, drainage pipes and water supplies become faulty and can create massive damages for the buyer of the home. An inclusive check of the plumbing can be accomplished by checking the net condition of the pipes.

Test Door and Window Fittings
Before finalizing the house, check windows and door fittings. Important aspect of home inspection process is the absolute checking of the doors and the windows of the new home.

Call a plumber
Plumber Harringay is the reputable and well-known company in the plumbing world. Before buying your house, call our plumbers at Plumbers Harringay, our plumbers can pinpoint the plumbing problems in your new home and can suggest remedies.

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