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September 1, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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If the taps of your home start leaking, you should not worry, it is very easy to adjust the leaking taps. Our company mentions some tips that will help the homeowner to fix tap leaking problems without calling a plumber.

Mentioned below tips do not require understanding of plumbing tools and neither require high tech plumbing techniques. You are just required a pipe wrench and some assortment rings.There are two basic types of taps. Homeowner must know about each type before he starts repairing tap.

Traditional taps
Monobloc lever taps
Traditional taps has an internal washer and a rubber seal. Traditional tap has a perished that needs to be replaced in case of leakage. While Monobloc lever taps can control the temperature and flow with the help of a single handle. It has ceramic cartridges that need to be replaced in case of leaking tap.

Turn off the water supply completely, either cut-off the main water valve that is located in the basement. Take off the tap handle with the help of screw. It can be done by turning the screw handle in a clockwise direction; you can also take the help of a modicum or knife. For removing the tap handle, take the help of a handle hammer. Now you are at the main root of the leakage, which is the rubber gasket. Replace the worn out part of the rubber gasket with the new ring. Make sure to place the ring correctly inside the head.

Before start working on a tap, always turn off the water from the main supply.

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