How to unblock a manhole

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June 8, 2016
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July 10, 2016

A manhole is a solution for waste waters and solid waste materials that are being created in a household for areas where there is no public sewer system. There are different sewer solutions, i.e. different manhole types, depending on how they are constructed. The method of construction has a direct effect on cleaning methods and the reasons for a Blocked manhole Harringay. One of these technical solutions is a three-chamber manhole that is made of polyethylene with a central opening on the top, which has a non-penetrable cover with threads. This central cover is designed to enable control, to remove waste and mud and to prevent a Blocked manhole Harringay. A three-chamber manhole also has a side cover that is designed to enable additional control. Within this plastic manhole there is entering a PVC pipe as well as an outside lease also made of PVC, with a rubber outside seal for the release of cleaned waste waters. A three-chamber manhole is used for houses that don’t have a constant accumulation of waste waters, such as in case of weekend homes that are used only during holidays, as well as in the cases where there is no electricity. Such a model of manhole is also used as a pre-treatment in cases where there is a sewer collector. This is a good solution for weekend homes, individual homes, etc. When choosing which manhole model to get, the most important info is the dimensions of the manhole that is appropriate for a certain house volume of a manhole. It should be the one that will satisfy the desired period for accumulation of waste material. In the project phase it is important to set up the proper ratio of the sectional area and useful volume. Depending on the individual needs, one can therefore choose between a two-chamber, three-chamber and four-chamber manhole. In order to assure a fully functional manhole, it is important to control its work and usage every several months and to ensure the release and removal of excessive mud from a manhole. This is necessary to prevent accumulated materials that cause a blockage and negative anaerobic processes. “

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