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May 28, 2014
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June 14, 2014

If your water supply happens to be of the indirect type, your rising main water will enter the property and go right away up into the loft space and fill the cold-water storage cylinder. It also branches off into your kitchen to the tap (and even to an outside tap). Harringay Plumbers are qualified to work on a softener unit. Now, the water softener will actually divert the cold water feed through a softener treatment tank before it returns it to the pipework that is supplying your cold-water storage cylinder in the loft. What this means is that the water that is used in a large part of the house, such as the central heating system, hot water, cold water to bathrooms and the WC cistern, are all treated by the water softener. It is sometimes better to connect the WC cistern straight to the rising main before the softener, with a small nozzle in the WC’s ballcock valve, as toilets use a lot of water during the flush, and though you may now and again need to use a descaler in the WC pan, the consumption of softened water will be greatly reduced by the implementation of this measure. Plumbing for the water softener must be installed correctly or there is a risk of water contamination. A Harringay Plumber can service this appliance.


Starting at the mains stop-cock (under the sink), fit a one-way valve with the flow direction heading towards the house, then, a small drain-cock, and a washing machine style isolator for the supply to the softener. Fit a service valve (with a knob) to divert the water flow through the softener (this can bypass the softener if it is out of action), and another washing machine tap (the return from the water softener). Use valves that have a quarter turn action, and are fitted with a knob which shows if the valve is open or closed. For servicing, this makes it easier to see at a glance whether the water softener is in flow or by-pass mode.

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