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May 28, 2014
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May 28, 2014

Condensing Boiler:
A condensing boiler is the best choice to get maximum efficiency. It is constructed so the water flowing through it takes the heat from the flue gases, which normally would be lost into the atmosphere, before entering the heat exchanger. This is so less fuel needs to be burned to bring the water up to temperature. When the flue gases are cooled down any water vapour condenses out and is discharged through a small pipe. Gas and oil versions are available, and also, a combi-condensing boiler.

This type is a great option if you are in a small property where the space for a cylinder is tight. This comprises of two heat exchangers, having one for the central heating, and the other to act as an instant water heater. A Harringay Plumber can fit any boiler. It is connected to the mains and is capable of supplying all the hot taps in the house. Hot and cold water, come from the taps at mains pressure, but the hot will run more slowly when more than one tap is in use. Changes in shower temperature can be prevented by installing a thermostatic mixer shower. Gas and oil combination-boilers are available, as are condensing models.

Back Boiler:
The old back boiler was fitted behind a radiant fire, and burned both gas and solid fuel. With the gas-fired type, the boiler can be operated independently of the fire, however in the solid-fuel version, the fire must be burning for water to heat.

The standard, non-condensing type of boilers will work with various fuels, even solid fuels. New fan-assisted boilers have great heat efficiency, but if your boiler is more than 15 years of age you may find that you make huge savings on your heating bills by installing a modern version. A professional heating engineer will advise on the heat output you need, which depends on the size of your property. Harringay Plumbers fit different boilers.

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