How to handle a blocked sink Harringay

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April 8, 2016
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May 6, 2016

Do you have standing water in your sink? Before panic sets in you could try releasing the clog yourself. It will only require a few tools and some patience for handling a blocked sink Harringay. Most clogs can be cleared in about an hour unless it is a really stubborn one.
Why do it yourself?

Not everyone has time to wait for a professional to come. When time is a factor grab a plunger and head to the sink. If there is a garbage disposal make sure and unplug it. Get the proper size Allen wrench and slip it on the nut located at the bottom of the disposal. This will manually move the blades while freeing up any clog that could be inside.

If the water is still standing then clamp the hose going to the dishwasher. This will keep the water from dumping inside the unit. Make sure there is around 3-4 inches of water in the sink then use the plunger on the drain. Plunge the drain for 20 seconds vigorously. It will take a couple times of doing this before the water swirls and goes down. If the water fails to move then call a blocked sink Harringay professional.

Choosing a blocked sink Harringay professional
It can be overwhelming when looking for a professional to handle the job. Take a little time and see how long the company has been around. Look for any reviews on the company and see what people are saying. This is a sure way of seeing if the blocked sink Harringay professional is any good.

Once the call is placed they will be able to tell you what time to expect the plumber. The company will also tell you the base price for the services.

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