Boiler Types

April 18, 2014

You need to think about many things when you are considering which boiler will suit your circumstances. For instance you must consider the space that is available in your home. A boiler can come with some plumbing baggage, like cylinders etc. and the system demands that are needed. Always look at and compare energy efficiency information for different boilers. They also need to be serviced and maintained at a regular interval whilst also meeting the criteria for the current building regulations. They should always be fitted by professionals. Boilers will operate on different fuels which include oil, gas, LPG, solid fuel and of course electricity. Harringay Plumbers are skilled and qualified to carry out boiler installations.

Types available:

1). Combination Boiler.
The “Combi” boiler is a central heating boiler and also a multi point type of water heater combined. It will deliver hot water from the cold water mains supply on instant demand to taps all around the home. It is a great space saver because it is not fitted with a cylinder or tank.

2). Back Boiler.
This an older kind of design that fits directly in a space behind a gas fire and is another example of the heat exchange system. A Harringay Plumber knows about this type of system.

3). Condensing Boiler.
A boiler that was invented so the water that returned from the heating system cools the flue gases. This boiler is called a “High Efficiency Boiler” and works best with lower water temperatures in a system And is very efficient. You will find these types are available for use fuels such as, gas, LPG or oil. A Combi-condensing boiler is also on the market.

4). Conventional Boiler.
This type operates with a heat exchange system to produce hot water in a similar way to a cooker ring heating a kettle. The majority of this type of boiler work with fully pumped open vented systems, with a few working with existing gravity hot water systems.

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