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October 28, 2015
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March 7, 2016

There are many things you can do to handle a blocked toilet Harringay. Some are clean while some can get nasty. Many homeowners have tackled this problem before and most of the time they are left with the floor overflown with water. When this happens, you can actually ruin your toilet. Not to mention the floor and anything else that might be in your bathroom.

Flush the toilet only once
It is crucial not to flush the toilet over and over again. The more you flush, the more water will overflow onto the floor. This normally happens because you don’t block the toilet down.

Find a stopcock to turn off the water flow. This is usually attached to a hose on your wall. Once you turn it off, the flush can be done over and over. Use gloves when working with your plunger or trying to reach the base of the toilet.
Placing the plunger properly

There is a reason why you need a large plunger for your toilet bowl – so it can cover the mouth in whole and push the water down. You can also wrap an old cloth or the towel on a mop before pushing it down. But be sure to use a long fabric so it won’t go down and cause more blockage for the toilet.

Pumping the plunger for a few times can give enough pressure to release the clog. As you pull off the pump, try to check if the water goes down the drain. It should be fairly easy. However, if the case gets stubborn, you need to make a few attempts before calling an expert. If you have a plumbing snake, try to use that as well.

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