How to unblock a shower Harringay

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May 6, 2016
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June 8, 2016

If you want to unblock a shower, you should seek a professional service because a blocked shower Harringay may be a disaster if this event occurs at the end of a long workday and you simply want to relax with a hot shower.

When you experience a blocked shower, there are many things to try. You can use a rubber plunger and start working on the plughole, or you can actually use your hands to remove the stuffs that have been clogging your shower.
Prepare your silicon gloves so you won’t be necessarily using your bare hands as there can be dirt, debris and bacteria living in the drain. Mould also arises to the surface when you never do a routine cleaning.
If you have cleaned up the clog, you can start to pour disinfectant inside to help increase sanitation. Or you can actually use a baking soda and vinegar solution to be poured inside and clean the debris that might get stuck inside.

Don’t have vinegar? You can use the leftover lemon juice you have for your daily drink. Lemon is an acid agent that helps to create bubbles when you pour it with baking soda. Use warm water later on to further push the debris away.

Remember, you should not perform this act if you are not sure what you are doing. It is important that you are aware of how bacteria can infect you with illness. Even though it will be curable, it will likely cause you to be uncomfortable and miserable for a few days.
Calling a pro would be recommended because they would perform cleaning thoroughly, including checking the pipe and drain where the water flows to see if there is any broken or burst pipe that causes the clogging.

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